DOSOMAT 10 + 12 + 16




Round-table machine with
2-8 lanes  

up to approx. 16.000 cups / hour

Standard dimensions without 
electrical control cabinet:

1.850 mm x 1.850 mm

High-performance round-table
machine for 2-12 lanes 

up to approx. 20.000 cups / hour 

Standard dimensions without
electrical control cabinet:

2.100 mm x 2.100 mm

for filling of cups and buckets.
With integrated sterilization of
cups/ buckets and lids. 

up to approx. 20.000 cups / hour 

Standard dimensions without 
electrical control cabinet:

2.700 mm x 2.700 mm


The following products can e.g. be filled: Dairy products like stirred and fruit yoghurt, yoghurt with muesli, cream, curd cheese, processed cheese; nearly all kinds of delicatessen and salads; soup and sauce pastes; dressing and sauces; mayonnaise; mustard; butter and margarine; spreads, honey, marmalade and jam; paté; petfood; beauty creams; powders and gelees.

Dosing systems:

  • Piston dosing
  • Inductive flow measurement
  • Weighing dosing systems, e.g. multihead weighers (for filling of fruit and meat pieces; powder, ...)
  • Pocket fillers (for muesli, chunks, ...)
  • Auger fillers
  • Robot systems (Pick-and-Place of technical articles)

For every product, we offer special dosing valves (e.g. rotary cutter filling valves for fibrous petfood, or piston dosing systems for very liquid products). Nearly all dosing systems can be executed with CIP / SIP.

For the different variations with:

  • Servo drives, type ELAU PacDrive
  • pneumatic drives
  • mechanic drives
  • frequency controlled motors
  • combinations of the above variations

Packaging material:

On our DOSOMAT Filling and Closing Machines, nearly all packaging materials can be run - we are able to run cups, tins and buckets, as well as closures made of carton, plastics, coex-material, aluminum, sheet steel or glass.


Discharge of closed cups:

Lifting of the cups out of the cup cells and push on a conveyor belt.
Or forwarding of cups in a separate or integrated WALDNER End of Line Packaging Machine.