DOSOMAT 20.2 Pouch

To fill liquid and chunky products in prefabricated pouches. Closure via ultrasonic sealing and additional hot sealing. 

With multihead weigher on top for chunky products.



Inline and rotary machines to fill liquid and chunky products in prefabricated pouches. Closure by heat sealing and/or ultrasonic sealing. Additional cosmetic seam possible.


Distinctive features of these machines:

Comfortable operating of the machine due to revolutionary design.

A special focus should be placed on the automatic adjustment for different pouch-dimensions. Furhter highlights of our pouch-machines are: 

  •  High capacity on a minimum of space.
  • Ultrasonic-sealing in latest technology with additional hot sealing. With this, best conditions for an absolute tight closure, especially for retortable pouches. 
  • Less movable parts, with this longer lifetime, less spare parts and less service necessary.
  • If desired, 100 % inline-inspektion of seal integrity via „high voltage inspection“system.
  • Easy to clean by means of open and clear machine structure.
  • Over 60 years of experience make WALDNER strong in the field of filling machines.
  • DOSOMAT Pouch = A step ahead by means of intelligent technology.





DOSOMAT 20.7/2 Pouch

high performance inline machine for filling pet food.