For filling of 1kg cups with tamper-proof snap-on lids.

Capacity: 16.000 cups/hour

The delicatessen industry trusts in Waldner DOSOMAT machines when it comes to the careful filling and packing of salads or similar products. In this case the filling range extends from single-portion cups up to large bins, which can be filled with herring salad, shrimp salad, bean salad, coleslaw, potato salad etc.

Lid magazine/ lid setter
The pre-made and embossed sealing lids are taken from the magazine via vacuum suckers and placed onto the cups. The destacking of the lids is effected by means of special scrolls, in order to guarantee a correct separation. Automatic lid scan --> on missing lid = machine stops and displays fault message.

Cup feed:
The cup setter is loaded from the linear buffer magazine, in a stand-alone version or integrated on the machine, from a cup carousel or from an alternative storage magazine specified by the customer. Depending on the cup material up to 1.500 cups per lane can be stored in the linear magazine. There cups are fed in stacks to the cup setter. The system assures an optimal buffer time dependant on the machine speed.

Fields of application are: delicatessen
Hygienic design and full flexibility are the main requirements of the delicatessen industry.