WALDNER Wrap-Around Packer WP







WALDNER casepacker SP 

Casepacker for the automatic packaging of trays in prefabricated cases or cartons

  • up to 25 cases/min
  • gripper system mechanical or with vacuum suckers
  • can be combined with case erector 
  • for cups, trays, cans, etc. 











WALDNER wrap-around packer WP 

Wrap-around packer - to wrap all kinds of different products in wrap-around cartons

  • up to 25 cartons/min
  • easy format change
  • pre loading unit possible
  • different formats possible
  • clean design
  • for cans, aluminium portion cups, plastic cups etc.









WALDNER carton erector KA

Crate erector for the production of carton crates and the automatic boxing of cups in these crates

  • up to 60 crates/min
  • easy format change
  • direct boxing as option
  • direct boxing via integrated crate packer WALDNER SP possible
  • clean design 
  • for cups, cans etc.
  • closure via hot-melt system